INSTRUCTIONSpecial appearence design, the backrest has the different layering, the whole shape is generous and full, feeling comfortable and relaxed. The seat adopts the curved seat cushion of high-end car chair which is soft and comfortable.The electric mechanism goes with the headrest and the waist pillow, makes it adjustable and meet the human spine to adapt to different angles of comfort experience.产物介绍特点的外不雅设计,靠背条理有致,风雅丰满,依托感舒适放松。坐位采取高端轿车椅的弧形座垫,坐上去柔嫩舒适。电念头构配上头靠和腰托,使头部和腰部的支持可以调理,知足人体脊椎对顺应分歧角度的舒适体验。亚博